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iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit 5.5" - White

iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit 5.5" - White

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Compatibility: A1661 | A1784 | A1785 Find my model#
Replace your screen yourself and save!

  • A fraction of the current Apple Repair cost of $129
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Repair at your convenience - no scheduling an appointment
  • Free Warranty - 100% guaranteed parts
  • Trusted Seller - U.S. owned, 14 years
  • 2 hours to install - experience recommended

  • Note: This repair requires heating and tools to separate top glass from LCD. Glass and LCD screen are fused together. Repair video not included. Heat source such as hair dryer required to remove glass.

    What's Included
    • Highest Quality Glass Screen (LCD and Touch NOT Included)
    • Tailored Tool Kit - proprietary screwdrivers, picks, wedge
    • Special Double-Sided Adhesive for new glass
    • Access to guide, tips, and videos

    Installation Instructions

    The specific repair for your device may vary. A typical glass repair can be completed with the following steps. We suggest viewing a repair video on YouTube prior to installation.

    • Apply a strip of clear packing tape across the cracked screen
    • Use a heat source (heat gun or hair dryer) to slowly heat up the surface of your screen to loosen the adhesive
    • Apply the suction cup to the glass
    • With the wedge tool start to separate the glass from the device
    • Insert the picks as you go to keep the screen separated
    • Work your way around the device, separating the bottom of the device last
    • Once the glass is separated, carefully disconnect digitizer flex cable
    • Once the glass is removed wipe off LCD
    • Apply adhesive to replacement screen
    • Reconnect digitizer flex cable
    • Adhere screen to phone

    This repair requires precision and patience. RepairPartsPlus is not responsible for any damage to devices during installation.