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Every day, our company supports hundreds of phone & tablet repairs. 

We know how critical it is to stay connected.

That's why our focus is pain relief - getting devices restored - and making it fast and affordable.

Real Reviews from Real People
As typical, I received the right product quickly and my repair turned out great. Thanks for the great products and helpful how-to videos.
The screen seemed to be a good quality and the toolkit had every tool needed to do the job. I had great success in repairing my wifes iphone with this kit and she is satisfied (therefore everyone is satisifed!) The phone now functions as it should. Thanks!
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We support thousands of mobile repair projects a week by people all over - for family, business, school and government. We know how critical these devices are to our lives - now more than ever.

Our focus is pain relief - getting damaged devices restored back to like new as fast and as easy as possible. So you can take control, leave money in your pocket and get more from the device you have. We think that is pretty cool!

Why choose us?
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Our Repair Kits
Quality Parts - Each part is inspected and tested
US base company with over 35,600 verified 5-star reviews
Carefully crafted kits - Get everything for a successful repair
Support - We have quick start guides,  links to videos and  tips
All products carry a full manufacturer's warranty
The Competition
Chinese suppliers with no quality inspection
Unknown companies with little or no time in the market
Only comes with replacement parts and no extras
No support offered after purchase
No warranty offered or offered at extra cost
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